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Escape Room Job Interviews in Boise

"Let us help you pick the right employee for the job!"

Escape Rooms – The Newest Trend in Hiring

Your job candidate has arrived, but instead of plopping them down across from your desk and asking them their professional strengths, past career challenges, or giving them an hour long test, you lock them in a dark room with other people… You tell them they need to figure out how to escape along with the other people in the room who they’ve never met before, or who may be vying for the same position in your company. Game on!


Conventional Interview Outcomes

Traditional job interviews typically tell you very little about the candidates. You will usually get the same rehearsed statements and some small talk about where they went to school. At the end of the process, you have a stack of potential hires that you still know almost nothing about. It’s all a big gamble as employers end up rolling the dice to see if it’s their lucky day. And if they end up with a dud, they have to go through the whole process all over again.

Research studies show that as many as 46 percent of new hires will fail within 18 months. Obviously, the current system of hiring isn’t working very well. Companies are turning to our escape room games because they are becoming frustrated with the traditional recruitment process of sifting through applications and resumes, and then carrying out the standard interviews and assessments, only to end up with a “shot in the dark”.

To make your escape room job interview as productive as possible, please use our contact form or call us at (208) 994-2527 during normal business hours to schedule and to set up your game day.

Prepare for your Escape Room Job Interviews...

  • Pricing: $35 per participant (Minimum of 4 or 2 for The Box) – no discounts are offered.
  • Availability: Monday through Friday between 10am and 4pm. We can adjust the game times to your schedule if needed – just ask!
  • Private games: All interview escape games are guaranteed to be private.
  • Total time: 1.5 hours.
  • You will need to call us at (208) 994-2527 to set up your interview, or use our contact form to ask for more information.

The Amazing Escapes Difference

Escape rooms are great for employers and they appeal to candidates. Escape room interviews are positive, unique, and memorable experiences for everyone involved. You’ll be on the cutting edge of recruitment innovation.

A recent survey of 684 Americans concluded that 70 percent of people seeking employment would happily do an escape room as an assessment tool in the hiring process. The number rose to 82 percent when strictly millennials were asked.

You’ll find out a lot more about the new hires before the job offer. You’ll also save time and money by being able to examine recruits in a pressure sensitive environment before providing any expensive, and time consuming training. Time is money and most businesses can’t afford to lose either.

Escape Rooms Win Every Time

An interview will NEVER show you the following attributes like our escape rooms will. Before you make the investment of hiring someone, you need to see how they react under pressure. You need to see if they can think on their feet or if they need some guidance. You need to see if they show leadership skills or have the ability to follow directions.

Time Management

Our escape rooms excel at making people feel the pressure build as the clock ticks down toward the end. This is when personalities are the most visible and the most vulnerable. You will witness time management skills either emerge or evaporate. You will learn more about people in the last 5 minutes of an escape room than you will in 5-hour long interviews!

Communication and Teamwork

Potential hires play out a live-themed scenario and are forced to communicate over some chaos, a sound track, and a time crunch. “Active communication” will test the boundaries of each personality. You’ll learn if they are wall flowers who shy away from interaction or if they’ll jump in and exhibit team skills to get the job done within the time limit.

Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

An escape game forces your potential hires to switch gears and to think through problems or puzzles like never before. Will they bully their way through a problem themselves or will they join in a team effort to accomplish the tasks? Will they realize everyone has different strengths that add to the overall success of the team? Will they allow others to contribute?

Leadership and Delegation

Those who are up for current or future leadership positions can showcase their capabilities to plan, delegate, motivate and execute. Someone usually takes the lead to direct the group or assign tasks. Watch as each member of the group automatically falls into their natural rolls and performs according to their natural strengths to beat the clock and win the day!

Logical Reasoning

Not everyone can logic their way through a problem by themselves – much less with a group of people. Good or bad, you’ll find out if each personality is a lone wolf or one of the pack. Can they remain calm through the process, or will they show signs of stress and withdrawal? Escape room interviews will give you the insight you need to hire the right person for the job!

Our Escape Room Games

You will find original themes and unique puzzles in our escape rooms that you won’t find anywhere else. We could gush all day long about our rooms, but that would be like a skewed interview across your desk. Instead, we invite you to take a look at all of our 5 star Google reviews and let our happy satisfied customers tell you all about us!

All of our games last an hour. Participants are required to be at Amazing Escapes 15 minutes early (punctuality!), and will need to sign a liability waiver online before they come (will they follow directions?).

Titanic Escape Room Game Boise Idaho Things to Do


Titanic is arguably the best escape room around when it comes to team building, communication, and testing peoples strengths and weaknesses. Players start out in two separate cabins on the ship, but need each others help to ever make it out in time. Part of the game is figuring out how to communicate with the other cabin. About half way through everyone comes together to complete the escape – that’s when it really gets interesting…

Titanic can handle between 4 and 10 participants

Countdown to Terror Escape Room Game Boise Idaho Things to Do


C2T is one big open room with LOTS to do. Participants play a group of newly graduated FBI agents who are after a terrorist at the Boise airport. Part of the game is figuring out Who, What, When, and Where about the attack in addition to escaping in time to save the day. There are a good amount of spy/tech elements incorporated into the room.

C2T can handle between 4 and 14 participants, but we’ve had up to 16 before with no problem.

Demolition Abduction Escape Room Game Boise Idaho Things to Do


DA is another room that is great at testing strengths and weaknesses. Participants are abducted and locked in an old abandoned building, then need to “MacGyver” their way out before a demolition crew collapses the building. There are more physical elements in the rooms puzzles and activities compared to other escape rooms.

DA can handle between 2 and 6 participants.

The Box Escape Room Game Boise Idaho Things to Do


The Box is a more intimate room put together with newer players in mind. It’s nearly impossible to make it through The Box in time with just one player since nearly everything in the room requires two people to pull off or to pull off in a timely manner. We have two identical Box rooms for head to head challenges (The Box Battle) that really intensifies the experience. In The Box Battle, it’s a race against the other room as well as against the clock which brings out personality traits in a big way.

Participants are in a government experiment testing a new drug that makes 72% of the human lab rats smarter. The Box is a mental challenge in conscious and subconscious ways from the start. Players will definitely need to think “outside the box” to make it through.

The Box is a minimum and maximum of 2 players, or 4 players for the Box Battle.

Our Escape Rooms Are The True Teachers

Public Relations

At Amazing Escapes we practice what we preach. Every new hire we interview plays at least two of our escape rooms. Not just to familiarize them with the room, but to analyze everything mentioned above. We like to see for ourselves how they act around other people. Public relations is a big part of being an escape room Game Host. We won’t hire someone if they exhibit aggression or are impatient with others during the escape. PR skills can make or break a business, so we like to assess this up front.

Build Solid Team Relationships

Cooperation among the team is imperative among the various personalities and hierarchies that drive your individual business. You won’t succeed in an escape room without it and you won’t succeed in business without it either. Our escape rooms will show you if people are patient and respect each others suggestions and opinions. There is nothing like going through one or two of our escape games to bolster team spirit. Whether the team escapes or not, they will bond as they share in the excitement of the escape.

It will be the discussion at the office for a long time and you’ll be the coolest boss in town for making it all happen. Each game, and many of the puzzles in each game, have been built with a team approach in mind. You will witness different strengths coming from each individual for the teams overall success. (fun included).


How Escape Game Interviews Play Out

There are several scenarios that will accomplish your goal of seeing candidates in action in one of our escape rooms. We have listed a few below:

Undercover Boss

You can have someone in your HR department join a group as if they were one of the candidates for an up close and personal assessment.

Remote Viewing

Your HR representative can watch the action in our observation room with us on our large monitors. We will give our feedback during the game to help understand what is going on in the group.

Pack Mentality

Have a small group of potential new hires join your established group to see who is the right fit. Your current employees can give you feedback about the experience.


Now for the rest of the interview… We’ll give you the space and time to finish the interview with the people who just played the escape room. You can have a round table discussion to clarify actions, ask pertinent questions, and listen to the answers. Will they soak up the lime light and throw others under the bus, or compliment others strengths and share in the victory?

"Absolutely magnificent! Surprisingly, we didn't finish, but had THE best experience today! Our guide, David, could not have been more friendly or informative! Please go and enjoy. A great team building experience if you manage a group of people! Highly recommend this adventure!" - Sharon Lamb (verified Google review)