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Welcome to our escape room Leader’s Board page!  This is where you can end up if you book a game of your choice and beat the current leaders you see here on this page.

It’s that simple… We know our escape room games are awesome, and if you and your team have the skills to successfully escape in the fastest time possible – then we believe you deserve some special recognition.


To see the fastest times and number of hints:

  • Desktops and Laptops: Hover over the images (then click for gallery view)
  • Mobile devices: Tap on the image 1 time

Titanic - Difficulty 4/5 Leaders

Titanic - Difficulty 3/5 Leaders

Demolition Abduction - Difficulty 4/5 Leaders

Demolition Abduction - Difficulty 3/5 Leaders

The Box Leaders

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Escape Room Reviews Boise

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