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Titanic Escape Room Game Boise Idaho Things to Do


It’s 1:20 am on April 15th,1912 and the unsinkable ship has hit an iceberg. Tensions are rising as the first class passengers are given seats aboard the limited number of lifeboats while the second and third class passengers are being locked in their cabins.

Can you and your fellow passengers escape from the bowels of the ship before it sinks?

  • Number of players: Min 4 – Max 10
  • 60 minute escape
  • Difficulty Levels: 3.5/5 and 4/5
  • Players start divided in 2 different rooms.
Demolition Abduction Escape Room Game Boise Idaho Things to Do

Demolition Abduction

You’ve been abducted by a ruthless gang who have mistaken you and your friends for undercover cops. They’ve taken you to an old abandoned building that is scheduled for demolition. It looks like you have just one hour left to live.

Having been locked up and left for dead, can you “MacGyver” your way out of the building before it comes crashing down?!

  • Number of players: Min 3 – Max 6
  • 60 minute escape
  • Difficulty Levels: 2.5/5, 3/5, and 4/5
  • Good Luck! – Work as a team.
The Box Escape Room Game Boise Idaho Things to Do

The Box

A secret government program, code named “Algernon Assay”, has been successful with a ground breaking drug that increases cognitive brain function in 72% of its test subjects.

The final phase is to test it on random humans with average intelligence. Unfortunately, the drug is only effective for 56 minutes. Just enough time to escape… THE BOX!

  • Number of players: Min 2 – Max 2
  • 56 minute challenge
  • Difficulty Levels: 2/5, 2.5/5, and 3/5
  • Great for Date Nights!
Countdown to Terror Escape Room Game Boise Idaho Things to Do

Countdown To Terror

The Boise airport is on high alert due to intel of an imminent attack. A known terrorist sleeper agent has been tracked to the airport.

FBI headquarters has sent you, new Anti-Terror Unit (ATU) graduates, in to find out who the terrorist is and stop the attack. Hundreds of lives are in your hands. Will time run out before you complete your mission?!

  • Number of players: Min 4 – Max 14 (16 upon request)
  • 60 minute escape
  • Difficulty Level: 3/5
  • Exciting – Fun – Challenging

Out of Time

Your slightly eccentric neighbor tends to keep to himself, but when he asks for help, players find themselves knee deep in a strange paradox. Can your group figure out what is happening and prevent reality from unwinding before it’s too late?

* Adaptive difficulty adjusts depending on how events transpire. You’ll find it to be equally challenging for both new and veteran escape room players.

  • Number of players: Min 3 – Max 7
  • 60 minute escape
  • Difficulty Levels: 3.0
  • * Adaptive Game Play (see above)

Curio City

Grandma decided to donate her antiques to Curio City Antiques and Collectibles, and get new furniture.

Now she can’t find her favorite knick-knack. She thinks it might be in the antique hutch she donated and has sent you to Curio City to retrieve it. NOTE: This is not an escape room, but a FULL 45 minute escape game in a customized china hutch located in our new party space.

  • Number of players: No Min – No Max / 45 minutes
  • Difficulty Level: 2/5. Great for kids or newer players!
  • Suggested: 2 adults or 2-4 kids, but bring any number of people you want for one low flat price of $50!

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