Curio City

"Where's Grandma's Favorite Knick-Knack?"

Curio City

Grandma decided to donate her antiques to Curio City Antiques and Collectibles, and get new furniture. Now she can’t find her favorite knick-knack. She thinks it might be in the antique hutch she donated and has sent you to Curio City to retrieve it. Your mission is to figure out the mysterious hutch that is now full of antique toys and find Grandma’s favorite knick-knack before the store closes!

NOTE: This is not an escape room, but a FULL 45 minute escape game in a customized china hutch located in our new party space.

  • Number of players: No Min – No Max
  • 45 minutes
  • Difficulty Level: 2/5. Great for kids or newer players!
  • Suggested: 2 adults or 2-4 kids, but bring any number of people you want for one low flat price of $50!

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