Demolition Abduction "This game was incredible..." "It was really intense. We loved it!."

Demolition Abduction

"Escape in time - or die!"

Demolition Abduction Escape Room Game Boise Idaho Things to Do

Demolition Abduction

You’ve been abducted by a ruthless gang who have mistaken you and your friends for undercover cops. They’ve taken you to an old abandoned building that is scheduled for demolition. It looks like you have just one hour left to live.

Having been locked up and left for dead, can you “MacGyver” your way out of the building before it comes crashing down?!

  • Number of players: Min 3 – Max 6
  • 60 minute escape
  • Difficulty Levels: 2.5/5, 3/5, and 4/5
  • Good Luck! – Work as a team.

Demolition Abduction – Do you have the skills?

Demolition Abduction is a non-linear game that is great for players who like the more physical types of puzzles and activities found in escape rooms. There are one-of-a-kind things in Demolition Abduction that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Our customers always come out smiling whether they get out in time or not. Locked deep inside an old abandoned building, players “MacGyver” their way to freedom by beating challenging puzzles and activities that are specific to the game and the environment before the building comes crashing down on them.

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