Out of Time: A Perilous Paradox

"Can you prevent reality from unwinding..."

Out of Time: A Perilous Paradox

Description: Your slightly eccentric neighbor tends to keep to himself, but when he asks for help, players find themselves knee deep in a strange paradox.

Can your group figure out what is happening and prevent reality from unwinding before it’s too late?

  • Number of players: Min 3 – Max 7
  • 60 minute escape
  • Difficulty Levels: 3.0 * Adaptive (see below)
  • Work as a team to complete multi-person interactive puzzles.  It will take everyone’s help to fix the timeline.  Good Luck!

Can you beat the clock? Or will you find yourselves… Out of Time?!

* This room has adaptive difficulty and will adjust depending on how events transpire. Newer players will find themselves busy with a wide variety of puzzles and challenges, without being overwhelmed, whereas veteran puzzle solvers will find additional enigmas to keep their brains engaged.

All of our rooms are family friendly.

Automatically private for your group when 3 or more are booked!

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