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The Box

"It's just you and the box!"

The Box

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The Box Battle

The Box Battle

What is “The Box?”

A secret government program, code named “Algernon Assay”, has been successful with a ground breaking drug that increases cognitive brain function in 72% of its test subjects.

The final phase is to test it on random humans with average intelligence. Unfortunately, the drug is only effective for 56 minutes. Just enough time to escape… THE BOX!

  • Number of players: Min 2 – Max 2
  • 56 minute challenge
  • Difficulty Levels: 2/5, 2.5/5, and 3/5
  • Great for Date Nights!


The Box – is so much more than just “A Box.”

The Box was created for newer and/or younger players who want a great experience with just one other person they know. This mostly linear (with some non-linear) path game pits you and your partner against the room and the clock.

As human lab rats, you are tested in a government experiment with a drug that makes people with average intelligence smarter. It’s a mental challenge in both conscious and subconscious ways. Players will need good teamwork since The Box is nearly impossible to be beaten in time with just one person.


The Box Battle – is you against another Box Team


Introducing a new kind of Boxing match. Match wits with your friends to see who really has the brains of the group in this 2 against 2 race in The Box Battle. Incredible fun with an intense 2 against 2 challenge in both of The Box rooms at the exact same time.

  • Min 4 – Max 4
  • 2 against 2 match
  • 56 minute race
  • Difficulty levels 2/5, 2.5/5, and 3/5
  • Challenge your friends!

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Beat the Clock!

  • Find clues
  • Solve puzzles
  • Use teamwork