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Challenging Exit Puzzle Rooms in New Plymouth

New Plymouth Exit Room Games Near Me

To make your game day as productive and simple as possible, please take a minute or two to read about the events below that interest you the most. Then, follow the simple steps to either book online or to call us if your event requests that you please do so.

Please get back to us by using our contact form or by calling us at (208) 994-2527 during normal business hours – should you still have questions that need answering.

Escape Room Birthday Parties

Escape Room Birthday Parties New Plymouth Idaho

Book a New Plymouth Idaho escape room party with your family and friends for a birthday that is sure to be fun, unique, and memorable.

You can inquire about a specific room at a specific time and we will do our best to accommodate your birthday wishes. We have different birthday party packages for you to choose from that give you either 3 or 4 hours of time all to yourselves.

For children between 8 and 17, read the guidelines on our booking page. Then choose a party option that’s right for your group.

Escape Room Team Building

New Plymouth Team Building Activities Idaho

Use our escape rooms to help your teams work together, build relationships, and value the contributions of everyone while problem solving in a fun environment.

Schedule any size group you have. Our flexible hours of operation means that you can keep your doors open and team build at Amazing Escapes at the same time!

Every New Plymouth business has a unique dynamic of employees. We are happy to accommodate your specific needs and look forward to working with you.

Escape Room Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties

New Plymouth area Bachelor(ette) Parties

Let the fun begin early at Amazing Escapes of New Plymouth! Keep your wedding day parties (brides & grooms too) safe before your special day.

Break the norm – dodge the “dodgy” stuff that normally happens at these bachelor and bachelorette parties – and join us a a few hours of clean fun and laughter!

We have multiple bachelor and bachelorette party packages to choose from that are sure to be a blast! Save a few brain cells and book your party with us today.

Escape Room Date Nights

New Plymouth Date Night Things to Do

What better way to spend time with the one you love?! Get off of the sofa and do something incredibly fun and exciting together. Our creative and challenging Idaho escape rooms will keep you talking, working together, and laughing as the clock ticks away!

Find out who really is the brains and who really is the brawn in the relationship!

We have two escape rooms that can take a minimum of 2 people: The Box and Demolition Abduction.

New Plymouth Fun with Family Near Me

By the time you gather up a few family members: grandparents, mom, dad, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, and uncles…you’ve just assembled the perfect escape room exploration team.

Do something different, break the normal routine, and don’t see that same old movie for the second time. Get off the sofa, put down the video game controllers, and schedule an action packed game at Amazing Escapes!

Find clues, solve puzzles, make a plan, and work together to beat the clock before your time expires.

New Plymouth Idaho Things to Do Near Me

By now, you and your New Plymouth Idaho friends have done loads of things together. But do you ever notice how you keep doing the same things over and over? How many times can you go to the mall and walk around?

No, instead, put your friendships to the test and see if your team has what it takes to beat one of our escape room games. Bring your neighbors, friends from school, your church group, your baseball or soccer team, etc., etc.

See who has the guts, the brains, the brawn, the logical thinking, the creative mind – book a game today!

Escape room games New Plymouth Idaho

New Plymouth Escape rooms near me Idaho

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