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as you practice."
Boise Team Building Activities Team building doesn't
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Treasure Valley Team Building Activities

"Get out of the office and into excitement!"

Amazing Escapes is your Treasure Valley team building headquarters!

Bring your employees or co-workers – see how you stack up against other Treasure Valley area businesses. Go ahead, call up your rival business and challenge them to an escape room – see who has the skills!

To make your game day as productive and simple as possible, please read about our Treasure Valley team building options below and then easily book your game online. Should you still have questions that need answering, please use our contact form or call us at (208) 994-2527 during normal business hours.

Note: If you happen to book your game during an exceptionally busy time or you have a large number of players – it may be necessary for us to call you to reschedule or to adjust your online booking.

"Absolutely magnificent! Surprisingly, we didn't finish, but had THE best experience today! Our guide, David, could not have been more friendly or informative! Please go and enjoy. A great team building experience if you manage a group of people! Highly recommend this adventure!" - Sharon Lamb (verified Google review)

Team Building Activities Treasure Valley

We help Treasure Valley businesses like yours work together, build relationships, and value the contributions of everyone while problem solving in a fun environment. Choose a power-packed escape room and schedule any size group you may have. Our flexible hours of operation means that you can keep your business doors open and team build at the same time! Schedule today and see why we’re your local team building headquarters!

Funny hat day… Are you serious?

A quick search for “Treasure Valley team building activities” is sure to give you more than a few laughs if you’re a serious Treasure Valley business owner. Sure, have a little fun around the office if you can, but know when to pick the right activities when you want to build a close-knit team of professionals. Amazing Escapes will challenge your employees, bring them together, and help to mold them into a very competitive force to reckon with – in or out of the office!

Treasure Valley team building games work!

Whether you’re here today as a Treasure Valley business owner or simply “a manager in charge of team building” – you’ve made the right choice in finding your way to Amazing Escapes. Why? Because “escape room team building” works and your employees will appreciate you for it! So we congratulate you on your efforts and we look forward to hosting your game soon. We’ll give you an edge on your competition – isn’t that what it’s all about?

Help ease tension around the office…

It’s not a secret: “Work can be stressful.” So when you see tensions rising around the office, cliques being formed, employees crossing over to the dark side, and other signs or symptoms that they could use a break – schedule a game with us. Break down walls, rekindle a fun spirit amongst your employees, help them learn to work as a team again – and to have fun while they do it. Tension around the office will hurt your bottom line.

Inspire unity and teamwork!

Many employees can spend up to 11 hours a day at work. Especially when you count getting to – staying at – and coming home from a normal day on the job. Therefore, if your employees are burned out, low on energy, and tired of the day-to-day grind… There’s a very strong chance that you’re going to feel it in the sales or revenue of your business. Keep your employees pumped up, reward them often, and get them out of the office!

“You play as good as you practice!”

If you’ve ever played team sports in your youth, you’ve undoubtedly heard a good coach tell the team… “You’ll only play as good as you practice!” Well, that coach was 100% correct and that is a true statement. That’s why pro athletes get fined big cash when they skip practice or make dumb mistakes out on the field. So bring in your “individual employees” for one of our escape games and watch them leave “feeling like a well-trained team.”

Inspiration for your game day...

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"Follow Amazing Escapes"

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